How it all began

The story begins in 2006 with two friends who shared the same passion, Music. Alexander Steyaert was already a few years busy with Dj'ing, Simon Minnebo was more interested in the rap- and hiphop culture. Because Simon needed a place to record his tracks, they decided to start recording at Alexanders' "studio". After a few recording sessions they wanted to really made something out of it. They wanted to share their passion for music with others.

During 2008 Alexander & Simon decided to start their own label, Psyko Recordz. They were spending a lot of time together working for their dream.

The meaning of Psyko Recordz

Our purpose is to have a group in wich young talented artists can perform and get known in the scene. But also where artists can learn from each other, because of the variety of styles the artists focus on they can combine their knownledge and talent to create original music. Psyko Recordz is not meant to be commercial and to be sold out, it is for people who love music.

Today Psyko Recordz has evolved a lot, first of all the "studio" Alexander and Simon started in became a real studio where we can create quality music. Also new artists became a part from Psyko Recordz. Currently we are focusing on releasing quality productions.

We hope to add more artists soon, so don't hesitate to contact us or send us your demos if you think you could fit in Psyko Recordz. Also stay tuned via our social networks!

Notice to the reader

As we are an independent label doing everything ourselfs, we also created this website ourselfs. We would like your feedback, if you found a bug in this website, please don't hesitate to contact us!